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I (see the author) just received a new Williams Series 400 model keyless guitar (visit Williams Guitar Company Web Site). The quality and playability of this guitar has exceeded my wildest expectations. It is a D-10 with 9 floor pedals and 10 knee levers (all polished, no extra charge), finished in orange birdseye maple (no extra charge) , easily as exquisite as any Sho-Bud in terms of finish and wood quality. It came with a hardshell case, tuning tool and allen wrenches, owners manual and a genuine Williams hat! The base guitar is quite light but mine weighs 60 pounds in the case (guitar alone is 42 pounds and the case weighs 18 pounds). I took a lot of pictures with a Kodak DC-40 camera and tried to clean them up with some shareware software ( a program called Irfanview). The pictures don't do the guitar justice, but I hope they show the essential features well enough. My apologies ahead of time for any mistakes or mis-representation and I'll make corrections as they are pointed out to me as quickly as possible.

I used Arachnophilia to generate the HTML and the tuning table.

I play my Williams through a Boss/Roland GX-700 and either one or both of a Webb 6-10E with JBL K-130 4 ohm speaker and a Peavey Nashville 400 with self-installed factory mod. All of my cables are George L thin cable and connectors. See the neat bracket I made to attach the GX-700 to the side of my steel. Here's two other views detailing the curtain hanger used to support the front and a close-up showing how it's attached on the back. If I'm not running stereo, I use the effects out jack to feed the tuner and mute the guitar on GX-700 Program 15. All other programs disable the effects out jack.

Check out my tuning!

What I paid!

String gauges that came on the guitar (subject to change)!

Some quick measurements that I made on string hysteresis and cabinet drop.

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