Pedal Steel and Guitar Played Through A Fender Super Champ XD

The Fender Superchamp XD is a hybrid amp with 2 6V6 tubes in the output stage, a 12AX7 phase inverter and a solid state front end. It sports a 10" special design speaker, 15 watts of power and and has two input channels with switching. 16 effects are built in and 16 switch selectable preamp voices are provided. This amp does not have quite as much tube warmth as my blackface Vibro Champ but it does have a lot more useable power and does not break up as easily with the pedal steel guitar. This ain't no giggable pedal steel amp but works fine for practice. Go to my home page to find the links to a whole series of pedal steel / guitar demos done with various Fender amps. Most all of my pedal steel tabs and songs were recorded using a Fender Steel King but there are specific pages for the Vibro Champ, Super Champ XD with more amps to follow.

The recording below features my MSA Legend pedal steel guitar and my Fender Classic Vibe Telecaster played through the Super Champ XD. All steel parts were recorded using channel one, amp effects off, and a Boss RV-5 for hall reverb. The first part of the guitar solo was recorded the same way but the second part of the solo used channel 2, voice 16, for a more jazzy tone. The trumpet part was my first attempt ever at playing my Yamaha Xeno trumpet on a recording so don't expect much there (been playing for 8 weeks!) the Trumpet was recorded direct to console through a condenser mic (no amp).

There's some pictures below. Click on them to see full sized pictures.

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