Slatwall Guitar Hanging System

I've had a lot of different guitar stands and systems and I wanted to try something a little more like what you may see in some music stores. This system is called a "slatwall" system. It consists of a rail that is mounted on the wall via screws that (hopefully) are anchored into the wall studs. The hangers mount securely on this rail by hooking into the top and bottom rail spacers. The hangers do lock securely in to the rails tracks so that they stay put no matter how you push up on down on them. The particular hooks that I bought have an adjustable rotational tilt that allow you to mount the guitars facing left, flat to the wall, facing right or any angle in between.

This gets your guitars off the floor and puts them on display! It seems to hold the guitars securlely and the hanger has a dip in the middle that retains the guitar and prevents it from sliding forward and out of the retainer. You can bend the retainer prongs to different widths to fit just about any guitar. They are well padded with durable tubing.

Here are the items I bought and the what I paid for the system so far:
Qty: 1 SW-B Strong Wall - 8 ft. - Black Vein $48.99
Qty: 4 BCC03R &L-3" Right or Left Facing Guitar Hanger - Black 3" Slatwall $57.56 ------------------------------------------------------------------------ Sub-Total: $106.55 Sales Tax: $0.00 Shipping : $21.55 Total : $128.10

Here's a link to the web site I purchased this stuff from: String Swing

The pictures below show the before and after of my music room and should show how the system is constructed and assembled.

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