Packing An Amplifier For Shipment

After packing a Webb 6-14-E and a Nashville 400 for shipment I am convinced I left out a possible step one - call the manufacturer and see if they can ship you an empty factory shipping carton!

Below is a series of pictures showing the packing of a Peavey Nashville 400 amplifier. The amp is totally encased in cardboard (single wall). Then 1/4" ply wood is applied (taped) to the front and back protecting the amp's controls and inner parts. The layer of cardboard protects the amp cosmetically and provides a surface to tape the plywood to. Next a layer of 1/2" and/or 3/4" foam is applied around the whole amp. I used the foam from a home center that's normally used as outdoor home sheathing applied under vinyl siding. It's very strong and fairly crush proof but will give upon hard impact. The final layer of single wall cardboard is then applied. Notice that access to the handle is provided for the shipper to carry this very heavy package. The thinking is that it will be less likely to be dropped and carried at a lower height than if one had to manhandle it at chest height. In my case I had a prefab (double walled) box so I placed the wrapped amp package in that and filled the remaining space with foam and peanuts.

Left click pictures to see larger size prints!

The four pics below show parts of a similar process for a Webb 6-14-E amp.

The seven pics below show the packing provided for a Peavey Nashville 112. Notice the awesome double corner pieces that essentially suspend the amp inside its packing box with good clearance on all sides. Just more thought for packing ideas.

The seven pics below show the packing provided for a Fender Hotrod Deluxe. The foam corners are pretty flimsy and you can form your own conclusions about whether the Peavey packing blows this away. Notice the diffence in thickness between the Fender single wall and the Peavey double wall cardboard!