Rigel A+ Deluxe Mandolin

I bought this Rigel A+ Deluxe Mandolin from Elderly Instruments after having owned a few cheap mandolins, a Gibson A5G and the Fender Mandolin shown on this website. The Rigel has a complex tone and easily the volume of any Gibson A or F model. Changing strings is a breeze thanks to the coverless tailpiece which leaves the string ends exposed. All the Rigels have a built in piezo pickup and the plug receptacle is built in to the strap button on the tailpiece end (nifty)! The Rigel has higher frets than the Fender or Gibsons which some people may or may not like. After getting the action adjusted, it plays pretty good but could use a little lower string height at the nut. Rigel does not provide an adjustable truss rod but the neck is perfectly mounted and shaped. Fit and finish are awesome. Visit the Rigel web site to see the story about the unique construction of these instruments.

Left click pictures below to see larger size prints!