Electro-Harmonix Pog2 With H and K Rotoshpere

This is a follow on to my earlier page reviewing the Pog2 (and Line 6 Roto-Machine). Click Here to see that page.

My recording setup is this:

MSA pedal Steel Guitar > Goodrich Pot Pedal > Pog2 > H and K Rotoshpere (where used) > Boss RV-5 (hall, effect at 11:00, Time/Tone 12:00) > Zoom R24. I should note that I recorded the H and K Rotoshpere in stereo direct to the Zoom R24 inputs and panned the tracks right and left to maintain the Rotospere stereo sound. I bought this Rotoshpere used and it's the original version not the II version. There not a lot of useful adjustments on the Rotospere but I did kick it from high to low speeds a few times so you can hear the ramps.

All Zoom files ported to Reaper for mastering to MP3's at 320kbps.

Below I've listed the settings on the Pog2 that I used when recording "My Sweet Love Ain't Around" I've also included a few clips to show the Rotoshere by itself and with the Pog2.

You can think of your steel guitar as the oscillator in an organ or basic tone generator. The Pog2 then becomes the tone shaper, adding octaves, detunes (chorus sort of), low pass filters, attack, and effects to achieve different organ and other types of sounds. The controls provided are very powerful and a slight adjustment of the octaves, attack, filter, effects and Q can make a huge difference in the sound you hear. Some of the settings work a lot better if you play higher on the neck, well above the 3rd fret and they sound crystal clear all the way up to the 24th fret! On the lower frets you may have to decrease the amplitude of the -2 octave slider to get the overall sound to come out clearly. You can hear how well the Pog2 tracks as I slide the bar between notes. It is just totally awesome in every way!.

A few comments on the H and K Rotoshpere. I prefer it by a small margin over the Line 6 Roto Machine. It has a more authentic Leslie sound but the Roto Machine is no slouch. To its credit, the Roto Machine can be had much cheaper, does not tone suck as bad when engaged and has a variable high and low speed and ramp time as well as more Leslie simulations. I'd be quite happy with either one. Neither of these is as good IMHO as a real Leslie cab or a Motion Sound unit.

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Rotosphere Manual

The songs below has fiddle, pedal steel, lap steel, pedal steel with just the Rotospere, pedal steel with the Pog2 and Rotosphere (last verse), accoustic guitar lead and regular lead guitar with a Fender Classic Vibe tele with a Bigsby.

Listen To My Sweet Love Ain't Around!

Listen To Pog2 With Rotosphere Sample Sounds

Listen To Rotosphere Only Sample Sounds

Preset Rotospere Dry -2 -1 +1 +2 Dry Efx Q Attack LP Filter Detune Sound Sample
Song Yes 8 0 7 7.5 2 Red 3rd Yellow 0 8 4 Song Above

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