Palm Blocking

A detailed breakdown of how to palm block with example sound file and tab.

Want to sound like this with every note clean and clear?

Listen to this!

Notice how ever note is distinct and clear just like if it were played on a standard guitar. Yeah, you could use pick blocking to get the same type of note separation but the sound would be completely different! Here is the tab for this riff:

This is a great one to practice and there are lots more good ones located on the Tab pages. Just go to the Home page and click on the tab pages to see them.

Here is a description I put out about PALM blocking a while back:

Most players either use their picks or their palms to block a string. The idea is to not let all the notes run together since the pedal steel has so much sustain. What I do is pick a string, then lower the right side of my right hand to touch the string I just picked when it is time for it to stop ringing. It does not matter which pick you used, palm blocking can block all the strings as needed. On rare occasions I might use the ring finger of my right hand to block strings one or two as they are a little harder to reach with the palm. You can learn to do this very effectively in only 2 weeks if you spend 2 hours a day at it broken into short 15 minute sessions. Just pick a string with the thumb pick then lower your palm to block it then repeat with the other picks over and over. Don't worry too much about how awkward it feels at first or about the exact position of your palm. Over time, your palm will naturally lower itself closer to the strings as you pick, very close to the position needed to block them. The proper technique and hand position just happens all by itself as you keep practicing and your playing speeds up. Hope this helps!


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