Nashville Telecasters

I've never owned a Telecaster before but since they started putting 3 pickups on them, and the Nashville Telecaster was born, I got a lot more interested. Recently I bought a red one from Musician's Friend with the intention of adding a Hipshot bender to it. The Tele arrived and looked so sharp that I decided I didn't want to change anything other than the pickguard so I purchased a white pearloid guard (Guitar Parts Resource) and in a few minutes I had the perfect looking Tele for me. Then I ordered a second Nashville Tele in blond to put the Hipshot on. Yeh I know all about the Parsons and the Glaser benders and don't doubt that they are more precise and less intrusive. Thing is I just want to play some bends around the house, don't want to lay out a pile of cash, and want to bend the B and G strings up 2 frets and have a low E to D toggle on demand.

You can get lots of info on the Hipshot here. The Hipshot can be bought directly from the company but I saved $82 by buying it at Guitar Parts Resource b benders.

The orange quilt Peavey Generations EXP is still my main axe but I like like the wider neck on the Tele for some things and the fact that I don't have to change batteries. The string height on the Peavey is set at .046" at the 12th fret and I put the Teles at .058" on all strings. Some of this is due to the lighter gauge strings I use on the Tele.

Peavey guitar: D'Addario EXL110-3D (.010 .013 .017 .026 .036 .046)
Fender guitars: D'Addario EXL120-3D (.009 .011 .016 .024 .032 .042)

For the neck trussrod adjustment I finger the high and low E strings at the 1st and 14th fret and check the gap at the 6th fret. The tele gap is about .010" and the Peavey gap is zero (I get away with it on the Peavey somehow and man does it have super low action). I use the Peterson Stroboflip tuner (see here and here ) to set the intonation by making the 12th fret harmonic and the 12 fret fingered note equal.

I will post some sound samples of the B/G bender later this year when things slow down around this place. Also hope to add the mounting progress photos of the Hipshot when I get around to mounting it. See below for some pics of the Fenders and the as yet unmounted Hipshot. One of the pics below shows the installation instructions if you want more detail.

Go to the MSA/ Fender Steel King page and listen to some songs there if you want to hear the guitars in action.

Hear the Red Telecaster:


Greg's Blues

"I Walked Away From Heaven" (tribute to Tim Jones (Travell) - includes tabbed riff below)

Guitar Tab

Tab played by Richard Mitchum Tab as part of song played by Richard

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