Direct To Console Recording

The old standard, Lily Dale, was recorded direct to my Yamaha AW-2400 with no guitar amps. In all cases the AW-2400 used the Yamaha MG10/2 as a mic preamp. No other tube or solid state preamps were used. The following lists is more specific as to the instruments and recording chain.
  • MSA Legend pedal steel guitar, Goodrich model 120 pot pedal with Dunlop HotPotz, Boss RV-5 to console
  • Fender Classic Vibe Jazz Bass to console
  • Washburn D10S accoustic guitar, Sennheiser MXL-992 Condenser Microphone to console
  • NS 5 string violin, Boss RV-5 to console
  • Fender Nashville telecaster, Boss RV-5 to console
  • EZdrummer with Nashville Expansion pack recorded in Reaper then ported to AW-2400

The 16 bit recording was mastered on the AW-2400 then ported to a PC where it was converted to a .wma file at 192kbps.

You can hear a bit of the C9th knee lever that raises the 6th string a half tone, from E to F when the song 1st goes to the key of D in the last verse.

The fiddle slide in the beginning is a wake up call and a tribute to the New Country sound (thankfully it is very short).

Visit my Tab Page 19 to get access to the rhythm track (yes complete with the annoying fiddle slide intro).

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