2012 Chevy Avalanche LTZ

Here's a few pics of my 2012 Chevy Avalanche LTZ with diamond white tricoat paint. The wheels are 22" and best of all it fits in my garage! I took it down to Ziebart in Wexford, PA and had paint protection film installed on all the rocker panels and the side of the rear bumper. They have a laser cutter for the film and you can view all the Avalanche cutouts on a laptop and pick just the pieces you want installed. I also had them do the first foot of the front and top of the hood and front fenders. It took them about 5 hours to install and I was able to see some of it being applied. The WeatherTech mud flaps won't fit with the 22" wheels so I opted to go for the protection film instead. The film is almost imposssible to see from more than a few feet away and is very durable, about 0.010" thick. After a few days of driving there's a lot of road crud that accumulates on top of the running boards so I decided to pursue the mud flap issue again. An email to Husky Liners brought a response back from their engineer that the Husky custom mud flaps do not intrude vary far into the wheel well and should be fine with the 22" wheels. So I placed an order for set of front and rear Husky Liner custom mud guards.

So far I've added the WeatherTech DigitalFit Floor liners front and back, the center console divider and the BedRug truck bed liner (while still maintaining the original heavy rubber bed mat). I've got 2200 songs on the hard drive and no more CD's or USB drives woohoo! Having been a Honda owner for many years I was hesitant about this purchase but so far I love everything about this truck. It's very quiet inside while going down the road and the steering is very precise for such a large and heavy vehicle. Check out the pics below to see how's things are progressing! Left click on them to get higher definition pics.

The Husky Liner mud guards arrived and they FIT!!!!! It's tight in the front only at one spot with the wheel turned half way but they never touch the wheel. There's lots of space for clearance overall in the front and in the back. Installation was 2 hours and 10 minutes and I did have to remove the rear wheels to install the rear guards. The front guards were a piece of cake to get on and they are all installed securely and they look like a custom fit versus the mostly flat ones. I included a bunch of pics below to show the overall install and also how well they extend out far enough and high enough to protect the side steps and rocker panels from wheel splatter.

I'm also a part-time amateur musician so check out my ode to the Chevy Avalanche below. All real instruments played by me except the drums parts I made up patterns using EZDrummer.


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