1974 Fender Princeton Reverb With Pedal Steel And Guitar

I bought this 1974 silver face Princeton Reverb amp used in 2011 and it is really amazing! It has that great Fender tone and reverb that I got used to starting in the 1968 timeframe with a series of Fender Twins, Super Reverbs and Deluxe Reverbs. This amp is all stock as far as I can tell, including the speaker which judging from the warm tone, is well broken in. This is easily the best sounding amp I've ever owned for getting clean and distorted tones at practice volumes followed by the black face Vibro Champ. The tone is a lot less harsh than my 1965 Princeton re-issue and the reverb is just absolutely stunning and 100% percent better than the tinny/metallic reverb in the re-issue. My Deluxe Reverb re-issue has a real nice tone but the re-issue Princeton is a relatively horrible sounding amp. I have no idea why but the difference in these amps is huge!

Link To Princeton Reverb 1965 Reissue Review By Me

Tennessee Guitar - Steel and Guitar parts recorded with the Princeton

A few last minute comments

This is the best sounding guitar amp I have ever owned although a few others like the 68 Deluxe and the black face VibroChamp are very close. After a few days with the pedal steel I also have to say that this is the best steel amp I've ever heard at low volumes. As a steel amp the tone definitely exceeds the Webb 6-14-E and the Steel King. Of course the Princeton Reverb would not suffice on a real steel gig I suspect even if mic'ed (the Webb, Steel King and many others would excel there). The stock speaker is real warm sounding if not a tad bit bassy on low notes and bottoms out easily when you push the amp. Obviously there are better speakers for this amp judging by the thousands of posts on all the internet forums. The stock reverb seems to be fine with steel and guitar and I could even live without the RV-5 or Hall Of Fame reverbs for recording and practicing. This all makes me wonder if the 1965 Princeton Reverb re-issue I bought new was defective or just a bad design or perhaps the speaker cone was just too stiff and not broken in. There's no queston that the older reverb tanks don't have any of the tinny metallic sound that the re-issues do. This is of course all just my opinion but the sound samples do speak for themselves.

Guitar Samples - 60th Anniversary Nashville Tele - Guitar plugged directly into amp channel 1 - Sennheiser 609 mic, Vol 3.5, Treble 7, Bas 4.5, Reverb 4.2, Speed 1, Intensity 1

Sound Sample 1 Sound Sample 2 Sound Sample 3 Sound Sample 4
Sound Sample 5 Sound Sample 6 Sound Sample 7 Sound Sample 8

Pedal Steel Guitar Samples - Guitar to Goodrich Pot Pedal then directly into amp channel 1 - Shure SM-57 mic, Vol 3.5, Treble 7, Bas 4.5, Reverb 4.5, Speed 1, Intensity 1

Note: the distortion on the steel guitar peaks is not in the amp! It is solely the fault of the recording engineer who mastered the tracks too hot!

Sound Sample 1 Sound Sample 2 Sound Sample 3 Sound Sample 4
Sound Sample 5 Sound Sample 6 Sound Sample 7 Sound Sample 8
Ralph Mooney Sound Sample

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